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This is a step by step process to become a drag queen (in no particular order).

1. Pick your name. I decided to chose my name the old fashion way. I took my dog’s first name (Smokey, she’s the one the left) and combined it with my favorite artist (Amy Winehouse). Put them together and you get Smokey Winehouse. A lot of drag queens love to picks name that are satirical names that play on words or names that are glamourous, either way just have fun with it:)


Step 2: Hair, hair, and more hair. Every drag queen needs hair! Most queens use wigs because it’s easier to style and put on. There are plenty of places that sell wigs: Good will, Last Chance, drag stores, anywhere. FYI: Drag queens always take care of their hair, if you dont- your wig starts to smell and it will start to look like my wig!

Step 3: Makeup! Makeup is crucial. It shows how talented you are as a makeup artist and how serious and seasoned you are. If you want to look your best, you will most likely have to buy expensive makeup like MAC and Ben-Nye, but if your fully invested in doing drag, then the price won’t matter. Oh yeah, theres a saying in drag, “Cover girl wont cover the boy!” so cover girl is a no, no-unless you are just practicing.

4. Learn about the female body. The whole point of doing drag is to impersonate women, so do some homework. Go on youtube and watch beauty pageant to see how we walk. Go to Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s Hollywood and look and feel garments. If your on a budget, BEBE’s or The Wave. Look at your girlfriends and study how we speak and move.    5. Bras and Boobies. If you’re going to dress like a girl, then you’re going to have to suffer like a girl. Bras and silicon breast give the illusion that you’re a girl. And it doesn’t which size you get, just try to match your body type.6. Clothes! Shopping for women’s clothing can be hard! But there are plenty of drag queen stores! Here in Phoenix, we have a drag store called “Boom Boom La Rue’s”. They offer clothing, wigs and accessories. But if you don’t have any shops near you, then there’s always the internet honey! Orrrrrrrr, you could always make your own clothes. What ever you do, make sure you always “Make it work!”

7. Find your voice! When I say find your voice, I mean practice the tone of your voice. There is nothing more annoying then hearing a drag queen with a low tone! The only exception is when its part of your schtick. Oh yeah, I also mean practice your lip-syncing! The first thing the audience looks at is your lips, so if you dont know the song it lowers your creditability.

8. Shave: This should be commonsense! You should always shave or wax. Why? Because seeing a guy dressed as a girl with facial hair and hairy legs, distracts the audience. But again, if its part of you act, then don’t shave.

9. Network. What’s the point of doing drag if you dont have any fans? If you really want to do drag, then network yourself. Go to gay clubs, ask drag queens for tips, tell your fag hags, post your upcoming shows on Facebook and Twitter. Do everything you can to get yourself known!    10. Put it all together!